The idea behind the creation of this safari was to combine the traditional wildlife experience with the opportunity of getting to meet some of the local people who live in these remote areas, and to realise the effect of that wildlife on their existence. As children learn and develop so much through practical experience, these safaris attempt to include an insight into local cultures, traditions, beliefs, and daily lives – anything that helps to make up a country’s identity. There is an opportunity for visitors to attempt to learn some of the skills that these people use daily, and which have been lost in the modern industrial world, as well as to give practical help.
This trip is therefore an exciting experience for adventurous families who want to enjoy the thrill of canoeing and walking down the Zambezi, while also having the satisfaction of knowing that in some way they have been able to help the local communities in these areas.
We suggest families contact us prior to departure for ideas as to how they might be able to assist, e.g. providing specific seed varieties for their gardens, pens, pencils, books, clothing and shoes, or an extremely popular football (plus pump), for some of the communities that we visit.
Guides use locally produced produce wherever possible to support local people. This might involve novel snacks/meals such as baking sweet potatoes and roasting ground nuts in the coals of the camp fire. Families may also be able to sample other traditional forms of protein and plant foods found in the area, depending upon the time of year.
Lower Zambezi Wilderness Area
Canoeing, Game Drives / Walks, Community Volunteer work in conservation area.
3 nights wild camping 4 nights supported camps
8 Days / 7 Nights
Approx. 72 km Canoeing
April - November
Route Map